Interested in learning more about social isolation in seniors?

The Hamilton Seniors Isolation Impact Plan (HSIIP) is dedicated to reducing social isolation among seniors in the Hamilton area.  As part of the HSIIP, we will be profiling some of the best resources on social isolation in seniors from across Canada and beyond. Check back often for an up-to-date list of links and resources.

  • The Brantford Expositor - February 1, 2017

    Program seeks to ease isolation of seniors. A new ‘Age-Friendly Neighbourhood Champions Project’ in the City of Brantford will work to address seniors’ isolation.

  • The Toronto Star - March 20, 2017

    Social isolation does not mean mom is lonely: Caregiver SOS.  The two terms are not interchangeable, but it is important to find out why senior doesn’t want to leave the house.

  • The Urbanist Podcast - March 23, 2017

    Cities are busy beasts but being constantly surrounded by people doesn’t necessarily prevent us from feeling lonely. The hustle and bustle of city life can be overwhelming, especially for newcomers – so what’s the best way to tackle urban loneliness?

  • Connect 2 Affect

    Spearheaded by the AARP Foundation, Connect2Affect seeks out solutions for social isolation. Through research and innovative efforts, they are working to create a deeper understanding of loneliness and isolation, draw crucial attention to the issue, and catalyze action to end social isolation among older adults.

  • Developing an Age-Friendly Action Plan for Addressing Social Isolation in Chinese Older Adult

    Presenters: Dr. Sander Hitzig & Dr. Raza Mirza

  • An Action-Plan for making the Kensington-Chinatown more Age-Friendly for Older Chinese Adults

    A report prepared by the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE).

  • Connecting Seniors: From Isolation to Inclusion Workshop

    Read our participants’ ideas for connecting with older adults in Hamilton from the June 5, 2018 Hamilton Seniors Isolation Impact Plan event.